Sunday, April 17, 2011

EMS Sangat "FAITH IN SATGURU" on April 10th, 2011


T.J. Bamrah Said:

I would like to share my personal experience in brief which has helped and keep on helping me over and over as i move on in life with Satguru/Nirankar's grace. I was struggling through life in late 90s after loosing my job, I was tired & frustrated. I had two options i want to go to USA or i am coming to Delhi and surrendering all my life to you.  Millions of questions were going through my head, kept going to Satsang to find answers, asking Satguru/Niarankar in it's real form Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Almighty. Some Saints would say go meet Babaji, get his blessings, some would say Babaji/Nirankar knows it all don't really need to go meet Babaji. Finally both of us (My younger brother) had decided to go meet Babaji in Mussoorie (Dehradun, India). We were in line to do Nimaskar  right after evening Satsang. This is what came out of my mouth at that moment when i had a golden opportunity to talk to him "Babaji you are my everything, here is my passport i want to go to USA". I wasn't even able to say what i planned for "I don't have anyone,  eventually he would say  i am here for you, you are mine now you can think how powerful, meaningful those holy words can be instead after flipping through the passport pages he put his benign hand on my head and all he said "Tuhi Nirankar". 

We came back shared with saints who encouraged us to go meet Babaji. everyone is trying to decode his holy words, blessings. I have gone through phase of questions again, everyone have their own interpretation of words and understanding. i didn't know how it was related to me going to USA or Delhi. One of  thing i said it to myself "Tuhi Nirankar" means a lot specially it came right out of Nirankar's mouth which was specially for me. i am going to take it as it's and try to understand.  Blessing started to unfold after about two weeks, one evening i was at field hockey practice got a message there is team being formed to play a tournament in USA if you like to join. I had no penny in my pocket at that time all i experienced things started to work and move toward the direction where Nirankar wants them to go with satguru's blessings. i was in LA about within a month since that day i never looked back with Satguru's blessings and grace. I owed about $10,000 when i landed in this country. I have everything what someone needs to live their life smoothly and happily without depending on anybody beside Nirankar. I am very fortunate to being blessed by enlightenment and his holy guidance. Listen, understand mostly importantly put everything what you understand into your actions whole heartily with pure intentions if you want to experience a power of faith. practicing introduce you to the faith and grows leaps and bounds as much as you practice. I beg your pardon with these few words. Please bless me so i continue to live as Babaji teaches  me. 

As i understood over the years what does  "Tuhi Nirankar" means to me. He has overwritten my destiny, blessed me with some amount of faith always wants me to remember and connect.  Nirankar who is  always with you doesn't matter you are in body or not

Romi Basra Said:

On the Nirankari Mission website, there is a wonderful quote “divine knowledge cannot stay in one’s heart unless there is faith in the true master”.  In the Mission our Satguru is the integral component in our divine journey.  It is remarkable and inspiring to see the impact Satguru has had on millions of people through his teachings, satsangs, and devotees.
Throughout history this relationship between a devotee and a living divine master has been a time honored tradition.  In the Nirankari museum in Delhi, India there is a diagram outlining the divine journey every human takes as they travel from darkness (ignorance) to light (God realization).  From the dawn of time, the devotee has been the disciple and Satguru, the divine teacher.  This unique and invaluable relationship is also documented in the world’s great holy books such as the Bible, Koran, Bhagavad Gita etc. 
Mankind, regardless of his background or intellect, on his own has always been at a loss to understand God and the purpose of his or her life.  Even today, as the world has achieved so much material and technological advancements, the world is mired in hatred, unhappiness, and intolerance.  True masters or divine teachers of truth (i.e. Satguru) have come into human form for the sole purpose of providing God knowledge (i.e. the ultimate truth) to humans regardless of color, creed, and economic or social status.  In conjunction with providing this knowledge, divine masters have provided a road map of how to live as a true human (i.e. true saint) so this world is as God intended it to be, full of love and peace.
Our faith in Satguru, which is not blind faith, is faith based on his knowledge and vision of universal brotherhood.  I have personally seen in others and in myself a markedly improved positive outlook when we live according to Satguru’s teachings.  In essence we see the world through his eyes, a vision of love, tolerance, compassion, and universality of all humans.  A true Satguru is able to transform any human, who truly desires, from darkness (negativity) to light (positivity).  Satguru is “the reflector and the mirror through which can be seen the true face and philosophy of the by-gone teachers”.  Our Satguru practices what he preaches by providing a living example of how to live as a family householder, full of love, tolerance, and in constant remembrance of God

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